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"Being the largest conformity assessment services in Latin America."


"Providing security and reliability to society through the conformity assessment of products, systems and services, and continued pursuit of excellence in providing their services promoting the satisfaction of its customers and other stakeholders."


The IFBQ continuously strives for excellence in its services, ensuring efficiency and reliability in the conformity assessment of products, services, processes and management systems, with continuous motivation and training of its employees by promoting the dissemination and support to its customers.

To facilitate the development of activities within their technical skills, in order to meet the needs of customers, markets and employees, search:

1 - Collaborate with INMETRO continuously in the development and improvement of the certification by the Brazilian System of Conformity Assessment;

2 - Contribute with the regulatory bodies in the development and revision of standards and regulations for Conformity Assessment;

3 - Promote the benefits of certification, the quality of products and management systems in place;

4 - Reconciling environmental, economic and social stakeholders in order to contribute to sustainable development;

5 - Promote continuous improvement of managerial excellence program aimed at meeting the requirements and targets to evaluate the efficiency of its management system;

6 - Improve the knowledge of the employees and contractors of IFBQ, in the technical, commercial and human relations;

7 - Keep continuously ethical commitments, through fairness and transparency in its activities, always complying with legal requirements;

8 - Promoting research and development projects, products and technical support along with professional associations, universities, government agencies, regulatory bodies, public and private companies;

9 - Promoting training aimed at technical training of customers, suppliers and stakeholders in general, in partnership with universities, research centers and others when necessary;

10 - Promoting mutual recognition with the Certification Bodies, working abroad;

11 - Get accreditation by the foreign organisms.

Eng º José Roberto Falcão Bauer

São Paulo, November 2007.


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