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IFBQ is a Certification Body in Sao Paulo, we certified and granted the overseas companies who are seeking for INMETRO Mark or Certification, we have point of services around the world include in Asian Country such as Hong Kong and Indonesia, and cover Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Philipines, Australia, New Zealands, India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Cambodia, China, Taiwan.

The Conformity Assessment is a systematic process with pre-established rules, be monitored and evaluated by a third party, in order to provide adequate degree of confidence that a product, process or service meets established standards or technical regulations.

Certification is a procedure by which a third party gives written assurance that a product, process or service conforms to specified requirements. Certification is important for promoting improved trade relations, consumer protection, contribute to environmental protection and qualifying businesses against their clients.

The IFBQ, since its inception, contributing technically with INMETRO, which is the government body responsible for the accreditation of bodies performing conformity assessment. Participates in committees of studies for the improvement and development of technical regulations.

Certification is mandatory for a range of products that affect health, safety, the environment or that are somehow important for the country The IFBQ evaluates several products compulsory certification, which must bear the Seal of Identification of Conformity logo INMETRO and IFBQ, affixed to the product or its packaging.

Seek voluntary certification is an exclusive decision of companies seeking a differential quality and reliability for their products. Voluntary certification also follows a systematic and specific to be obtained IFBQ the place for products, processes and services and management systems.


Inmetro Mark